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This site contains information for Dee Broughton’s Engl 404, Research Writing for International Students, at the University of Idaho. The 3 credit-hour class has been offered to graduate students and advanced undergrads at UI, as well as to international scholars who want to improve their academic writing skills.
The class is not being offered in this form at this time. It is now being re-developed to run as an independently available online course.
As a face-to-face class, the first 60% of the course offered explicit instruction in writing and the use of sources. The last 40% provides individual linguistic support for the student’s own thesis, dissertation, conference presentation, or article.
The new online version, re-titled Writing for Research Scholars, will be offered entirely online and will offer additional support for scholars who are beginning the dissertation. The course will include an overview of the purpose and fundamentals of research writing and methods for choosing and refining a topic.