Audio Excerpts from Presentations on Advanced Research Writing

Meet the instructor. Dee welcomes you to the online version of Research Writing for International Students from her current post in India where she’s the Senior English Language Fellow for the state of Gujarat. Hear a little about the way the class will be run and what you can expect as far as the work load and the amount of feedback and support you’ll receive.


This audio excerpt comes from a presentation for Research Writing for International Students. The full presentation helps students develop an awareness of the structures used to give context to analysis. This excerpt discusses the importance of structure in second-language writing and, at the same time, reveals some of the pedagogical philosophy behind Research Writing for International Students.


This audio excerpt comes from a full class presentation that shows advanced students how to properly use templates, chunks of language from authentic texts, to add sophistication to their writing without plagiarizing. In Research Writing for International Students, students quickly learn to preserve academic integrity while adding clarity and subtlety to their academic and professional writing.